Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Kaimur District of Bihar and is near Bhabhua. It is the largest sanctuary in the state and occupies an area of about 1342 sq km. This Sanctuary located in the famous Kaimur hills range. Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary is one of india’s lesser known yet comparatively rich reserve in terms of its flora & fauna.

The main animals found at Kaimur Sanctuary are tigers, panthers, wild boars, sloth bear, sambar deer, chitals, four-horned antelope and nilgais.

Kaimur Sanctuary is home to more than 70 species of resident birds and the number increases in the migratory season i.e. during the winters, when there is an influx of birds from the Central Asia region. Common Birds species are Peaf owl, Grey Patridges, Quail, Malabar, Pied Hornbill, Swallow, Nightjars, Dronge, Paradisefly, Kingfisher, Bulbul, Mainas, Pigeon, Wood Pigeon, Blue jay, Owl, Falcon, Kites, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Pallas’s Fish Eagle, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, and the Lesser Kestrel and Vultures. Birds such as the Lesser White-fronted Goose, Ferruginous Duck, Baer’s Pochard duck and Lesser Adjutant, Greater Adjutant, Black-necked Stork, and Asian Openbill stork migrate from Central Asia to the park during winter.

Also, Kaimur Sanctuary verdant landscape houses some exotic species of plant life like Indian Rosewood (Sheesham), Teak, Saal, Jamun, Mahua, Salai (Boswellia serrata) etc.

Ideal time to visit
Oct-March, best time morning & evening