The historic city of Patna is the proud capital of Indian state of Bihar. Majestically located on the banks of river Ganges, this city boasts of a history full of political acumen and bravery of its rulers. This one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in ancient India is also known by its old name Patliputra. In addition to these, the city has been the proud capital of the various empires like Magadha, Nanda, Mauryan, Sunga, Gupta, Pala and Suri. The city may not have any of these empires today but it has a certain aura that attracts tourists towards it. Hotels in Patna provide quality hospitality to all these visitors coming to the city. Not only hotels but inhabitants of the city are equally friendly.

The city has everything that a sophisticated traveler may ask for, plus a tranquil environment that makes it visitors most sought after destination. Modern airport, railway station with easy connectivity to all the leading metropolises, dazzling shopping malls, some scrumptious food joints and highly hospitable people, establish this city on the tourist map of India.

Apart from tourism, the city is also a hub of pilgrims, as it is home to some of the sacred places of religious interest. Patan Devi, also known as Maa Patneshwari, is one of the most sacred temples in the city. The temple is one of the 51 Siddha Shakti Pithas in India. Other temples like Chhoti Patan Devi and Mahavir Mandir attracts numerous devotees from around the world. Besides being a holy place for Hindu devotees, the city equally appeals Sikh devotees as it houses birth place of Guru Gobind Singh. Thousands of Sikh devotees from around the world come to this city to seek blessing of the Sikh guru.

In addition to these, the city has a lot of place of tourist interest that includes Kumhrar, Agam Kuan, Padri Ki Haveli, High Court, Golghar, Patna Museum, Planetarium and recently developed Kargil Square. For an authentic shopping experience, one can visit the place like Maurya Lok Complex, Boring Road and Patna Market. After a day full of activity, the tourists can retire for the night in the cozy confines of the Patna hotels.

To look after the various needs of the tourists coming to the city, the hotels in Patna offer all the amenities and services at affordable prices, so that the tourists can enjoy their stay in the city. Dinning is another specialty of the city. So enjoy your Patna tour to the hilt.

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