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The Magadha Empire

Shishunaga (also called King Sisunaka) was the founder of a dynasty collectively called the Shishunaga dynasty. He established the Magadha


The Mahajanapadas

In the later Vedic Age, a number of small kingdoms or city states, dominated Magadha. Many of these states have

Religious sites/places

Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple The Mahabodhi (Great Enlightenment) Temple is a Buddhist stupa located in Bodhgaya, India. It is the most sacred


The Magadha Kingdom

The Magadha Kingdom was established by King Jarasandha who was, as it stated in the Puranas, a king of Brihadrathas


Bihar – Prehistoric era

The earliest proof of human activity in Bihar is Mesolithic habitational remains at Paisra, Munger. Prehistoric rock paintings have been

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