The earliest proof of human activity in Bihar is Mesolithic habitational remains at Paisra, Munger. Prehistoric rock paintings have been discoveredv in hills of Kaimur, Nawada and Jamui. It was for the first time that a Neolithic settlement was discovered in the thick of the alluvium, over the bank of the Ganga at Chirand. The rock paintings depict prehistoric lifestyle and natural environment. The paintings display the sun, moon, stars, animals, plants, trees, rivers and is said to represent love towards nature. Also the paintings highlight daily life of the early humans in Bihar, like hunting, running, dancing, and walking. The rock paintings in Bihar are not only identical to those which found in central and southern India but also are akin with those in Europe and Africa. The rock paintings of Spain’s Alta Mira and France’s Lascaux are almost identical to those found in Bihar.

Source : Wikipedia