The Rohtasgarh Fort is one of the most ancient forts of India located in Bihar. It was built by Harishchandra of the Solar dynasty and was named after his son Rohitasva. The Rohtas Fort was constructed on a plateau over the top of a hill with steeply rising sides. The fort is situated at about 1500 feet above sea level. The steps directing to the fort cut into limestone of the hill. Many streams crossed the plateau and the soil was productive, which help in easy growth of the crops, so that the inhabitants of the fort could hold out for months against an enemy besieging the fort. The culture of the Sone Valley is best symbolized by the Rohtas Fort which is a testimony of strength and power.

Places of interest
1) Hathiya Pol and Elephant Gate
2) The Aina Mahal
3) Jami Masjid and Habsh Khan’s mausoleum
4) Ganesh Temple
5) The Hanging House
6) Rohtasan Temple And Devi Temple

It takes around two hours from Sasaram to reach the foot of the hill over which is the Rohtas fort. It can be reached easily from (Dehri on sone) town. Dehri on sone town has very good road network through which one can easily reach Rohtasfort.